Retrodelic Vibes 6 (Vintage Memories)

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Retrodelic Vibes, the unofficial Bible of Psytrance, is back with chapter 6 in the series. Retrodelic Vibes 6 delivers a spectrum of unforgettable tunes and wishful classics from prominent psytrance pillars, some of them were hard to come by..
86 min. of pumping exostatic tracks from some bold underlined representatives in the genre.
Among the tracks are a few party gems from the good ole' days... several appear here in analogue quality, and two tracks were never actually released, and played in parties from DATS only.
As we have been told by people that heard the demo of the album, this current volume is probably the most jaw dropping blend and electrifying full power volume of RV saga in recent years. For us, this episode is special, and was exciting to construct, as it brings back good (vintage) memories..

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