Retrodelic Vibes 7

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We are excited to present this special 7th chapter in the Retrodelic Vibes saga.
Retrodelic Vibes continues excavating, and precedes another step in cracking the code of psytrance. It adds ten more pieces to the puzzle; presenting psychedelic textures and analogue soundscapes ranging from psychill to Goa trance, exploring themes from the beginning of the genre, before it widespread.
Retrodelic Vibes 7 takes us back to the revered time of the Full Moon parties of Goa, the smell of kerosene in the air at dawn by the chai mamas at Disco Valley and Anjuna, the white sands of Haad Rin, Koh Phangan. Flash memories of all the good old friends, the colorful people, the smiling faces in the UV lights, all those moments we treasure. The tunes that became the soundtrack of the lives of many of us…It is so nice to remember.
This chapter of RV unleashes and adds an assembly of ten respectful classics; ten more seeds that were planted in the ground back then, grew and evolved to some of today's fruits. Each track is a pillar and a living testimony to the secret life of trance. Some names here are a benchmark we owe respect in this maze of memories, since this music first came out at a time that there was no paved road for this kind of music.
Avatar was always beyond the usual; its Retrodelic Vibes first started off 20 years ago, and has become a source of inspiration for other labels that followed with a similar concept.

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