Overdream - Miracles On Schedule

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Avatar and Overdream are marking 10 years for the band, with a second full-length album Miracles on Schedule.
Overdream have been an aural compass for years, and is considered to be one of the center pillars of psytrance in The Ukraine. They have received a warm welcome after various singles and releases, and their debut Wonderwise album. Their timeless tribute to Timothy Leary is a bold example of the musical level and performance abilities.
Miracles on Schedule is an electric and powerful album, 10 brand new psy- tech top edge tracks, tailor made, according to the classic Overdream recipe.
MOS delivers a new peak and dimension of sound. It is hard evidence that stands side by side in the front row of artists who manage to stay a step ahead from the sound of today. Powerful material and ideas, crusted into organic and lively compositions. Well produced refreshing psytrance at its best.
Unlike Wonderwise, this time Overdream, a mastering specialist and studio wizard, who usually masters projects for others, has chosen to master his own album himself, in order to cram in his personal sound taste and concept. The result speaks for itself.
We feel this album is a must for their followers, and for everyone that can appreciate quality psytrance.

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