Overdream - Wonderwise

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At a certain point, trance music might mistakenly be interpreted to a formula. Well, this is not the case when it comes to Overdream. This Ukrainian based duo have managed to generate a style unique to them. Although their music mainly aimes for the dancefloor, much charm and imagination can be felt in their music.
Makus & Dana Do come with 'Wonderwise', after various tracks on compilations and a role in SkyGravity. A rejuvenating breeze of fresh ideas that deal with the aspects of our developing society, and in the wider angle, we can say "A declaration of intent"..

Soundwise, 'Wonderwise' is a blend of rolling grooves and atmospheric whirlpools. Designed for "all seasons", a measured amount of thought and hard work stand behind this album. A presentation of technical abilities with tracks like 'Fiji Island' or the exciting 'Sacrosanct Toucan', it is clear that Overdream have a lot to say and offer... Listen to 'Wonderwise'..

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