Nimba - Seeds Of Consciousness

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It's been a while since Nimba has released something new, and this is definitely a special occasion.
After two brilliant albums and various tracks on different projects, Ariane MacAvoy is back with Seeds Of Consciousness. This mini album is perhaps one of the best productions of her career, and an obvious peak here.

Ariane MacAvoy did not gain her reputation overnight, and did not spend her time sitting in the studio. For the last 20 years she has been working hard: playing her drums and tribal percussions, travelling and exploring the hilltribes of West Africa, and presenting the world her unique Nimba project. Apart from that, she has been studying and teaching West African dance.
This EP is a reminder of her talent and the rare abilities she is gifted with, it's all there in her music.. SOC is dynamic and organic. It deals with ''the secret life of nature'', it is an aural odyssey into the wild life of Africa. It also features Ariane with her unique and mysterious vocals..
Apart from Nimba, Ariane MacAvoy is also half of the duo The Nommos, aside Goa Gil.
....It Began in Africa......

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