The Riddle Of Isla De Pascua

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Easter Island, an island at the end of the world. Probably the least visited place on the face of the Earth. A place with a great riddle. 'The Riddle of Isla de Pascua' tells the story of this remote location known as Rapa Nui. A once striving community that gave birth to the mysterious gigantic stone Moai statues that surround the island by the hundreds.
This album, in 'The Riddle' sequel, is an aural adventure, hosting Smiley Pixie with his exciting 'Easter People' that opens the album. A fantastic one from Hands Upon Black Earth feat. Irina Mikhailova.
Astropilot contributes two new tracks written for this project. Overdream and the lovely Rapa Nui, Becoming.Intense with his atmospheric 'Rano Raraku'. oCeLoT and his multi dimensional 'Lucky Fungus'. The last three have just completed their new albums to be released on Avatar this summer. Total Eclipse with the tribal and mysterious 'Banyan' and Nimba, who seals the album and completes the puzzle with her 'Orongo'.
All artists have contributed from their talent and imagination, and help to unlock The Riddle..
'The Riddle of Isla de Pascua' is a far out experience into the mystique.
Easter Island, The Island of Easter People !

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