oCeLoT - One

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With 'One', oCeLoT dares and goes one step further. Aaron Peacock has been tagged as one of the more influential musicians to come out of America. After playing a major role in the San Francisco scene and 5 trance albums under his belt, oCeLoT comes from a different angle and a different strategy. His approach has always been attacking at all fronts, and pushing it all the way. The result is this dramatic and stunning chillout album that is eveything but predictable..

'One' is a trend free album that expresses Aaron's honnest concern about earth and its future, an issue troubles out society and seems relevant at this time more than ever. His simple message carries a wakeup call for unity. For Aaron, doing a chillout album was just a question of time. From what it sounds, it will stand the test of time honorably, as it proves that oCeLoT is not only a trance music mastermind.

This is one of oCeLoT's deeper works, and the horizon for him shows friendly signs.

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