Yoga Chakra

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For centuries, Man and Earth have been in connection. It is a fact that Yoga came into existence at the beginning of Human history, when Patanjali, a legendary Indian sage described the process of self-actualization that lies embedded in all human beings. He called it self-realization, since in this state of 'Yoga Dhyaan' he underwent an absolute awareness of his inner self.
Yoga is primarily the development of self-culture that enables one to turn inwards and concentrate on their inner self.
By practicing Yoga this allows to gain control of the mind, and the body, the breath and the senses. It is an intense personal, physical and spiritual practice that aims at reaching the spiritual perfection of self-realization, attaining a deeper understanding of one's unconscious thoughts through the use of concentration techniques.
Man has always strived to achieve tranquility and to be in inner peace and harmony with the body and the soul, to visualize the inner reflection of the mind and the spirit.
Yoga Chakra can be used as a tool for the fulfilment of the basic will and need for balance with nature and beings, the passion for living in harmony with our environment and surrounding.
Yoga Chakra is the anticipated sequel to Yoga Lounge (The Art of Breathing). It materialized and came to life, inspired by and dedicated to the work of world leading Pranayama Yoga master Dominique Lonchant, a prominent figure in the genre. This album is embedded with sonic receptors, channeling and guiding in the direction of the 7th chakra and one's self- awareness and transformation to a nirvanic state of mind. This healing process and resurrecting experience is guided by the amazing music of Sonic Scope.

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