Café Marrakech

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A Fata Morgana? A camel ride in the Sahara? A visit to the Berbers of the Atlas? Or a tour in the markets of Marrakech? It's all together… Prepare yourself for a sensory experience..
Welcome to Marrakech. Avatar Spirit's new destination is the popular Moroccan city of Marrakech.

Café Marrakech is a soft landing in this exotic location. You'll find this album a splendid way to chillout in the Kasbah, spend a day at the souk, or a relaxing afternoon on one of the balconies of this exiting city. Immerse yourself in the colors and smells of the medieval medina. Dive into Morocco's most glamorous and romantic city, with its echoes of artistic decadence. A city of vibrant cultural life, artistic relaxing ambiance, souks, snake charmers and storytellers. Meet nomads on camels in desert wind, crossing endless sand dunes and dramatic landscapes. Tall mosques overlooking white city and mud Kasbahs. Receive a royal treat in the hammam or dine under the stars. Bargain with the friendly merchants in galabas, smoke a hookah in a local cafe and enjoy warm hospitality with pure Moroccan aromatic tea accompanied by local sweet delights.

This exotic collection of tunes from the gem of Maghreb will carry you to the Berbers of the Atlas. You'll hear sounds from Jamaa-el-Fna square. A blend of world fusion, lounge and downtempo. Listen to Café Marrakech and enter the magical Kingdom of Morocco for an adventure of a lifetime.. Indeed, rewarding as it seems, Café Marrakech is an aural oasis inlayed with ethnic beats and rhythms.

What more can we say..? Let go and surrender to the vibe.

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