Argyria - Jai Shiva Shankar Remixes EP

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Following their debut year opening album Jai Shiva Shankar, comes this remixes EP.
Zoran Zlatkovsky AKA Psychoz and DJ Jeto, join forces with the amazing Indian singer Sandhya Sanjana. Together they form this one of a kind project. Shortly after the debut album, the band was granted contrast fine remixes from Ocelot, Overdream and L.F.Orager. The result is this inevitable interesting EP.
This trio has been active in the music industry for quite some time. DJ Jeto is a skilled sound engineer, Sandhya is busy performing, mostly in Germany, while Zoran has 14 albums under his belt, mostly under his Psychoz project.
One of the interesting things about this trio is that they operate from 3 different capitals in the world. Recently they came together in Los Angeles for rehearsal, and work on their next album, scheduled for release later this year. Definitely something to lookout for..

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