Domino - Goa

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It is no coincidence that every time we crave for some good classic psytrance, we think of Domino...
This is probably one of Domino's bold and outstanding mixes. It has been some years since the album was first released. It quickly went out of stock and became rare. Now it is finally available again, remastered and sounding greater than ever. Goa includes some of Domino's favorite and preferred artists, whom she has been playing their music and supporting since the '90s. Some of the tracks are exclusively here, and were not released elsewhere.
Domino is considered to be the first recognizable female Goa trance DJ. Her sets are authentic and powerful.
She is among the very few in the world to preserve the authentic and classic way of playing trance music, as she plays from DATs (digital audiotape). The idea of her mixing this album on DATs is simply stunning, since this technique isn't easy at all; it requires skill and experience, and relies a lot on instinct.
Domino is very defined and picky with the music she chooses to play, not to mention when it comes to including it in her mix. The album is just like her sets, full of dynamism and energetic melodies. Goa stands for its name. It beams us straight back to the state of mind, parties and beautiful beaches of Goa.

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