Fata Morgana

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There are tales of forgotten tribes, cities lost in the dust, rumors of colonies hidden in the depth of the Sahara, riding their camels and disappearing into the setting sun.. Imagine being there.
Imagine sitting by the tent, gathering around a camp fire, sitting on carpets under a blanket, on a cool starry night. Smoking Shisha and enjoying sweet aromatic mint tea.. Imagine Fata Morgana.
This album is a journey to a remote location out there, among the dunes of North Africa. A journey to a spot that time forgot. Some say this is the place where it all started..
This chill atmosphere album is just right to take with you on a late night ride or a night flight. The album was lovingly constructed, and the music put together for this experience. Chillout and psychill tunes from good names in the genre. Several tracks and edits are released here for the first time, and are not available elsewhere.
Make sure you have packed plenty of water and get prepared to ride.. on the music..

*Track 12 on this album is available only on avatar-music.com.

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