Argyria - USA / India

Argyria is a multinational downtempo / chillout project. The band came together and started their collaboration back in 2009. The band includes the mastermind Zoran Zlatkovski, well known as Psychoz, Vivan Sanjana, known as DJ Jeto, and the famous Indian singer Sandhya Sanjana, known for her exotic voice. Trying to map or define their precise musical direction will not be an easy task, as they have managed to generate their own style and musical direction. This trio delivers a fusion of contemporary electronica and chillout, combining world music elements and Indian classical vocals and influences.
Jeto and Zoran are responsible for the synthesizers, studio work and live instrumentation, while Sandhya Sanjana amazes with her vocals, and contributes with her big broad musical knowledge and experience meeting in one concept, bringing the oriental flavor. Their music combines spiritual diversity and harmony, with metaphoric lyrics following the old testimony and other sources, maintaining flow and balance of the new and the traditional.

The band recorded their first album Jai Shiva Shankar, as well as previous material in the same manner used on Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's collaboration on 'The Girl is Mine'.. The band members have never actually shared the same studio while working on this album. Each did his role from the comfort of his studio, in his country. So actually they have not been physically together on the same time while working on some material for their debut album..!
Jai Shiva Shankar is the first seal from this fine and promising project, and is a hint of what this band is planning for the future..

The band has just came back from an extensive recording and rehearsal studio session in Los Angeles, and are currently working on new material and their live performance .