Café Casablanca

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This second destination on our Moroccan Café takes us to Casablanca. The center and gateway to Morocco.
The beating heart of The Maghreb and North Africa. Located on the Atlantic coast, this city is rich with exciting history that dates back in time as far as the seventh century BC, when settled by the Amazigh people.
Officially founded in 1575, Casablanca is a place where every corner is living history and has a story to tell. Beside one of the most important and largest artificial ports in the world, this city has colonial style buildings, Cafés with Baroque resemblance, and impressive municipal structures in a classic Maghrebi style. The lively attractive markets are not to be missed and of course: getting lost in the old Medina is just a part of the adventure… This cosmopolitan and tolerant city is home to prayer houses of all religions, where all are respected and can worship: be they Jewish, Christian, or Muslim.
The nightlife is a fusion, from Arabic style and belly dance bars to top end European, and magnifique coastal restaurants serving the best of Moroccan cuisine. The track list on the album is from the cream of Moroccan music and representatives in the genre. From traditional music to club and Arabic beats, lounge de Arabica and French tech colonial vibes.
The music is inlayed with the atmosphere that carries us to Medieval times and tradition, customs, smells and colors of this exciting metropole.
Café Casablanca is a window to Morocco, its sounds, sights, and flavors. Enjoy and surrender to the vibe.

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