Planet Meditation 3

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After coming up for air from the previous volume, Planet Meditation 3, the sequel in the series is here.
Planet Meditation 3 manages to generate that same relaxed and peaceful mood of the previous and is just as impressive and exciting as the first two chapters. Timeless tunes that will touch you in those right places..
From psychill and deep ambient to meditative beats. Some big names are on board, each with his creation and specific direction.
Several titles and mixes are released for the first time. Incl. The Daydream remix of ‘Amazonia’ from Deep Forest.
Nimba with a special edit to ‘Blown Away’ and an Ocelot remix for Argyrias ‘Jai Shiva Shankar’.
There's a very laid-back atmosphere to the album. Music to meditate, start the day with, or just simply to make it a better one...
Enjoy 69 min. of Planet Meditation 3, music that does not depend on time. Euphoria, peace, and harmony guaranteed

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