Café Rio

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Avatar's Café expanding world of destinations arrives at one of the happening and sizzling places in Latin America, the city of Rio de Janeiro. This exciting destination is the beating heart of Brazil. The land of Capoeira, carnival and smiling faces.
It is the home to sport legends, stunning scenery, and rare exotic wildlife. Rio is a city of nonstop excitement, where the music always plays. Samba and Bossa Nova from the source.
We greet you with a warm welcome to Café Rio! Join us on a virtual journey filled with colorful optimistic beats: tropical chill, Brasileiro bossa and jazz from respectable representatives in the genre.
Music has always been a central part in the life of the people of Brazil and we want to share the vibe.
Our ride will include a stopover in some of Rio's notable locations: an afternoon in Ipanema, a game of volleyball on the beach, and a break to work on the tan.
Enjoy an afternoon in Copacabana; cha-cha, samba, tequila, assai and maracuja. Last golden rays before the sun sets…priceless!
Café Rio has it all, and is here to make your summer a more pleasant one.
Adjust your hammock, wherever you are, close your eyes, and surrender to the vibe.

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