Café Arabia

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From the pyramids of Cairo, across the markets of Tunisia. Through the deserts of Algeria, down the Kasbah of Casablanca. Take a dirt road through the Atlas Mountains, bargain with the local merchants, and enjoy the red sunset at the dunes of the Sahara. Café Arabia will take you that far..
The 5th chapter in our global Café series delivers essential global beats, smells and colors, a delight to the senses, the essence of Arabia, that no desert gear is complete without.
This new chapter in our boutique Café series includes 14 tracks from selected artists in the genre, who contribute to the album. Several unreleased tracks and edits are there, some recorded specially for Café Arabia. Just the right blend for a nice aromatic Arabian experience.

If you liked Café Marrakech, this one is definitely for you!
...Pass the shisha and take another zip from that splendid aromatic Arabian Café..

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