Café Bhutan

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Avatar and Avatar Spirit mark 100 releases, with our boutique Café series. This time dedicated to the remote and far away kingdom of Bhutan.
This untampered Buddhist kingdom in the High Himalayas is known for its monasteries, clinging cliffs, forest valleys, subtropical steep mountains, and the pleasant and kind peaceful people. Vision its pastoral and dramatic landscapes. Overlook its breathtaking scenery and panoramic view. Evergreen terrains and Chrystal clear rivers, unique and stunning wildlife. Sit with the monks under a Bhutanese Tanka, listen to them play the Dungchen and hear the tales and stories from firsthand.
For years people dream of this exotic and hard to reach remote kingdom. This untouched hidden land is the home of The Takin and The Golden Langur, The Lama and the Tiger. It's is a place of ancient culture and tradition, customs and interesting religious ceremonies.
Café Bhutan gives a clue to the history and mystery of Bhutan. This peaceful and relaxing album includes 14 rare Cordyceps that highlight this paradisiac magical location. They are combined and carved into this exciting journey that forms this colorful Mandala of sounds.

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