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She was Born in England and brought up in Goa, where she went to school in Anjuna.
The tropical beaches of Goa and the party scene that was going on have influenced her and were a perfect backdrop for her to start off.
‘’At the beginning I used to record tapes and give to close friends’’ she said. She was doing it for fun. A lot of her friends were encouraging her to do something with it. And then it all happened so quickly...
Domino played at her first party in Goa when she was only 15. That’s when Mike Maguire (of Juno Reactor) heard her, and asked her to give him a call when she is in London. The rest is history… Domino is probably the first and most recognizable and outstanding female Goa trance DJ.
She is the daughter of a well-known and respected Goa veteran. She is special in personality and exotic in appearance, also as result of her West Indian, Chinese and British ancestry. In April 1995, after exploring Europe and a stint as a dance performer with Eat Static at the legendary Brixton Academy in south London, she took Maguire up on his offer. That year was Domino's overseas DJ debut in England with Juno Reactor (Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire, and Paul Jackson). She was the opening DJ for the event. She received such an amazing feedback from the crowd, Juno Reactor decided to include her in the tour for the year in England, France and Greece.
By age of 18,
Domino was well on her way to doing what she is best at. Unlike most DJs today, she is one of the very few in the world to play from DATs (digital audio tape). Another DJ who plays DATs is Goa Gil. This technique isn't the easiest approach; it requires skill and experience and relies a lot on instinct.
Her appearance on stage is described by many as something else... The experience she gained while DJing on the beaches of Goa paid off and ingrained in her musical style.
Domino is a master of track selection with solid powerful sets. Her electrifying music is like a portal to another dimension, full of dynamism and energetic melodies. She has the ability to ‘’read the dancefloor’’ in a way second to none.
While playing, she her-self, participates in the event, something unheard of.. There is a prominent connection between Domino and Japan, where she has a huge crowd off followers not only to her musical carrier but also to her modeling. It is said that when she plays there, this is not just another ordinary night..
In Portugal she is tagged as a star and has a large base of fans. In Greece she is known by the name 'Lady Domino'. Domino has played @ the Boom Festival since the very first one, Antaris, ZNA and the list goes on.

* This mix is considered rare as it was not available for years. This version is re-mastered and sounds greater than ever!

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