Reflex - Israel

Israeli based Micha Yossef has been around for quite a long time. His musical venture has actually started at the age of 10. He is known for his main role in the gothic rock band Substance For God, that started back in 1992.
The band had performed often, and gained a considerable amount of attention aside bands like Orphaned Land and Salem. They were signed to on Nuclear Blast / Germany, and after their debut album in 1993 the band broke up and split. In the process, Micha was becoming more interested in electronic music. He started evolving in the world of DJs and electronic music production.

He began learning and perfecting production skills, and produced a few Tech-Trance tunes for his sets. The road to making music was opening up. After 8 years of performing as a DJ, Micha switched to music production, a natural extension of his knowledge and experience as a guitarist and DJ. His desire to affect the dance floor with his own sounds led to the birth of Echotek. His excellent sense of taste and quality of music, different from the full on formula, drew the attention of highly acclaimed labels. He was being noticed and was in constant demand. His releases in the past few years can be found on several labels. His debut Echotek album Application Rate was released on the Portuguese Flow Records in May 2003. The second Echotek album Emotion Chaos followed early 2005. Both releases gained Micha further recognition on the worldwide scene. Apart from his Echotek activities, Micha had his Neo Logic side project (with Safi Connection), signed to the Greek label Candy Flip.

On his behalf is a strong reputation A&R, and work for the late labels MDMA and BNE. Micha has compiled a chapter on the series Internationalism for Spiral Trax, where he had introduced his debut Reflex track Un Human, as well as new Israeli sounds, less full on, and a more IDM.
Reflex is his 2nd solo project aside Echotek, and his Guide By Time album, including his impressive tune Flip D.B., came out on Avatar Records in mid. 2004. Micha is currently working on his 4th Echotek album.


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