Domino - Stardrops Over The Ocean

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Stardrops over the Ocean
comes after several mixes that Domino has released. This is a studio album and includes original material, and is not mixed like the previous ones. She recorded the album in Japan, this time along with Makoto Fuji, Yasunori Matsuda and Freeman. Domino also hosted live performers in the album who played acoustic instruments. Behind her are previous collaborations with ManMadeMan, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Juno Reactor and more. Stardrops over the Ocean is a ‘summer album', it is a far out and airy album. It manages to transmit her message of optimism, unity and a feeling of togetherness..
Domino is well known in India, and especially in the psytrance Mecca of Goa, where she was raised and is a home to her. This album is 'her life story' in a way, a voyage through the years she spent in Goa, a reflection of some of her ideas from that time. Trying to describe Domino will not be an easy task, seeing her perform on stage, will make it easier, as the necessity for words will no longer be there. Her charismatic character, electrifying presence and energy on stage are hard to come by… She is gifted with the ability to ‘’read the dancefloor’’ in a way second to none.
Her music is just like domino bricks, when the next step is a riddle, so is her set construction. Domino continues to be one of the outstanding and beloved female DJ/musicians in the electronic music industry in general, and psytrance in particular. She has gone a long way since she made her debut in the UK with Juno Reactor. Her pristine style and original musical direction is well presented in this beautiful and pleasant album.

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