eniChkin - In Memory Of Love

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'In Memory Of Love' is an interesting and promising new album from EniChkin. Sergey Nazarenko demonstrates the term IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) in a full scale with this second album. Having been fascinated by the 60s psychedelic era, his music is influenced by its musicians and movement. This is just another reason why Goa Gil has chosen to produce this new album.

It seems that EniChkin and Goa Gil (who actually was the one who discovered EniChkin) manage with IMOL to deliver an acceleration, without reprising the previous album. If it's ecstatically happy kitschy pleasure you're looking for, you will not find it here. Nonetheless, you will come face to face with shimmering fast and multi-layered album that will lead you to gasp in pleasure.

The album mainly deals with the unlimited field of "Duality", not only by finding a well balanced and updated merge between the golden 60s and nowadays. It manages to recruit a handful of ideas that link to the basic principals which lead to the concept of EniChkin's. Perhaps it will be received as a breakthrough attempt by some, however EniChkin is definitely a trailblazer in the genre and can be easily spotted as one of the interesting musicians around. There is no telling where he will find himself next and it is just a question of time till others follow his style..

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