Psychoz - Garlands

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When Psychoz first immerged in the beginning of the millennium, it was a declaration of intent, an artist with interesting ideas and performance. Looking back, it is clear he was ahead of his time.
Almost 2 decades of strata lay between his self-titled debut album on Avatar and Garlands. This is his 25th studio album, and was 2 years in the making.
Garlands tells a different story; at times, it sounds semi acoustic, and transmits dual to multiple messages. The music of Psychoz here is far out, refined and mature.
There is no attempt here to invent the wheel. Garlands is a serious piece of art, intelligent, deeply atmospheric, with a lot of feel. Original self-produced pieces, as well as reworks to some of his preferred artists around his cycle. The new album delivers music that ranges on a diverse scale: from exotic deep electronica to alternative downtempo psychill.
Psychoz was always an adventuress musician that never stops surprising, a beacon of originality, also known for skipping long and endless intros and outros, one that prefers to get "straight to the point", moving away from the predictable.
Psychoz has slowly and securely became a respective brand name, fruitful and productive, with dozens of releases by his side. He has gone a long way, moved ahead with his music, and has aligned on the same row with leading original performers.
Recent years have surrounded him with some of the important electronic musical events and festivals.

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