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Micha Yossef is no newcomer in the electronic music scene. This talented guy has been active both as a DJ as well as a producer for the last 8 years. For the last years, Micha has been concentrating on writing and producing his own music.

Additionally, Micha has compiled the latest chapter of the highly acclaimed CD series 'Internationalism' (Spiral Trax). This time, Micha introduced the new Israeli sound, less full on, and a more intelligent side of dance floor music.

'Reflex' is one of the biggest hopes of Israeli trance today. This new and outstanding project presents full on tunes, groovy sounds and full percussions. Micha is one of the busiest Israeli artists these days, and his unique style and sound are played and heard in every corner of our galaxy, with increasing popularity.

His debut album was released as 'Echotek' (on Flow Records), aside additional releases on Spirit Zone, Spiral Trax, SST, Iboga and more. He is also known for his collaboration with Mishel Bitton (Safi Connection) as Neo Logic.

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