X-Dream - Germany

X-Dream is one of the more popular names in trance.

This veteran duo comes from Germany, and consists of Marcus C. Maichel and Jan Muller, more remembered in the early days as Rough & Rush.

They have bombarded the scene with hits from wall to wall, that no party would be perfect without..

Their music is polished, defined and refined, with that rolling bass line and kick, and unmistakable "trippy" formula. This is just another reason why they are so memorable in the early Goa days.

Their album 'We Created Our Own Happiness' is considered to be one of the trance classics of all times.

The two first got together and did their first recording session in 1989. Marcus was already doing electronic music in 1986, while Jan was already an experienced sound engineer. In 1990, they were first introduced to the Hamburg trance scene, and that was when they decided to switch their music to trance.

Between the years 1993 -1996, they have released several singles, as well as three albums on Tunnel Records before moving along to Blue Room, where they left their mark with some additional milestones in trance.

With an impressive record of seven albums in total, singles, remixes, and numerous tracks on compilations, X-Dream are considered to be pioneers in psy trance.


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