Café Africa

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From the Serengeti to the water banks of the Blue Nile. Through the dunes of the Sahara to Timbuktu, dry land, oasis, the smells, colors, wildlife and the spirit of nature. Mother Africa has it all.. Join a nomad convoy on a journey to the mystique and the unknown. Join a campfire under a starry night. Peace of mind with a feel of togetherness.
The drumbeat in the distance, white smoke from a nearby village, the footmarks on the ground, the singing of the hilltribes, the masks and the dance, the ritual and the moonlight.
With Café Africa, man and nature become one.
This chapter of Avatar Spirit epic series will take you to Africa on a hyper multi-dimensional adventure of sights and sounds. Exciting carefully selected timeless tunes from an international list of artists. Spiritual soothing beats, all with respect and tribute to Africa.
The sun rays are yet to shine again. Tomorrow is in the horizon. A new day, new life, hope for the newborn in the ecosystem of the savanna.
Africa, The Source of all Beings..

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