P.Cok - Acid Trooper

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Some parings make perfect sense right from the start. That’s just the case with P.Cok and DJ Ella Gotman. P.Cok were notable in Israel during the 1990s. They emerged from the southern part of Israel, which set them apart from the predominant music scene centered mostly in Tel Aviv area. This geographical distinction contributed to their unique sound and perspective.
DJ Ella Gotman, a prominent figure with a primetime show on national radio, was actually the one to bring P.Cok to the spotlight, advising and adding an extra and notable dimension to the band.
After several releases and singles, 1998 saw P.Cok released Acid Trooper, their debut album, which showcased their fresh ideas and defined musical direction. The album garnered attention and praise, establishing P.Cok as a breeze of fresh air in the Israeli music industry at the time.
Unfortunately, despite the initial success, P.Cok disbanded with only one album under their belt. The three members, Dedi Cohen, DJ Yuda Cohen, and Ziv Matushka, each went their separate ways. Tragically, Ziv Matushka has passed away since then, further adding to the significance of their brief but impactful musical journey.
Avatar and ProFile mark their musical legacy, with an exclusive special reissue of their Acid Trooper album. The release is fully remastered, and sound updated, in addition to bonus tracks that were not present on the original album.
Overall, P.Cok were known for their pristine style, originality, and departure from the typical music direction of their time. Their distinct vision and perspective, influenced by their background, played a significant role in shaping their sound and ideas. They were not confined by the trends and influences of their surroundings, which contributed to their status as a unique and refreshing presence in the Israeli music scene of the happy '90s.

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