Indoor - Progressive Trance

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Indoor from Israel and their unforgettable 'Progressive Trance' album is an all time classic! This is a specially rare album that had an important role in shaping Israeli trance. It was originally released back in the 90's.

For those who need a reminder: Indoor consists of Avi Algranati (Space Cat), Ofer Dikovski (Oforia) and Marko Goren (Tandu). The three have joined forces back in 1994 and have come a long way since and gained strong reputation, each on a personal carrier.

Indoor have released several singles and tracks on numerous compilations worldwide, as well as their debut album 'Progressive Trance', that eventually was the only album they ever recorded as Indoor.The band has performed in some wild parties and their appearance together on stage has been described by many as groundbreaking... Their biggest hit 'Shiva' that appears on the album, is loved worldwide and still brings tears to many - 10 years after...

'Progressive Trance' is the most treasured evidence to this legendary collaboration between Avi, Ofer and Marco. No doubt it is one of the top trance albums to come from Israel.
Now finally available again in a special re-mastered version.

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