Asia 2001 - Dreamland The Remixes

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Finally, Asia 2001 (Martin Cooper) delivers a remixes EP for his epic Dreamland.
This classic hymn is known for being one of the best titles from Asia 2001, taken from his album under the same name. It has generated worldwide sales that positioned this release as one of Avatar's bestselling title.
When Dreamland first came out in the beginning of the millennium, it was a euphoric and refreshing release. Slowly it was adopted by DJs, well received in various circles, some of them not even affiliated with psytrance. It gained interest also in the US and played in New York clubs like Roxy, Twilo and Tunnel.
A remixes EP was just a question of time. SpaceCat contribute here a slightly updated remix that varies from the one featured on the Amnesia album. Overdream is here with a rocking and uplifting remix, and an exotic and exciting ambient one from oCeLoT.
Dreamland was licensed and released locally in countries like Taiwan, India, Germany and the list goes on... Asia 2001 is considered to be one of the veterans in psytrance, and is around since the very beginning of the 90s.
We feel this release is a must for all Asia 2001 fans, and also great occasion to checkout for those who are not familiar with the original track.

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