Elysium Project - Regenerated

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Kristian Thinning from Denmark is the man behind Elysium Project (Elysium). He has been working for a while, till he took the global scene in a storm with his "Wolf track", that was later released on Dragonfly and Avatar.

Kristian is also half of the duo Sheyba, together with Jean Borelli. The two are responsible for 'Ancient Lands' (Avatar) and 'Trance Africa Express' (Flying Rhino). Kristian did other collaborations with DJ Cosmix, Avi Algranati, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Paul Jackson, MOS and more.

'Regenerated' has all the typical tribal sounds that are recognizable instantly as Elysium, a blend of low beat and ethno influenced trance with a clean cut Scandinavian touch. This album comes after a long pause, since his last album 'Celestial Sounds & Tribal Beats' from 1998.

Also available on Avatar is a special version of his first album 'Dance For The Celestial Beings' that comes with a bonus CD of unreleased tracks and remixes.

'Regenerated' is the latest Elysium Project / Elysium album and it was definitely worth waiting for..

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