DJ Light - India

New Delhi based DJ Light, our man in India, was brought up in a family of music lovers.

Goa being a place where people go, amongst other things, to make, exchange and hear electronic music, he was naturally influenced at a very young age by all kinds of bands such as Front 242, Yello, The The, Kraftwork, Nitzer Ebb and many others.

Got into trance in the mid 80's. He then went on to explore the world and himself traveling all over the world, meeting a lot of people and spiritual gurus and learning about the spiritual cosmic forces and sharing their views and experiences which he tried to include in himself. These are the emotions he presents in his long DJ sets that he plays, that could go on from 10-15 hours, where both forces of nature and spirit unites. DJ light is part of SHIV SHANTI FOUNDATION, where he organizes parties and plays with a lot of today's artists.

He has already played in Goa, Manali, Dharamsala, Vashisht, Humpi, Delhi, Bangalore, London, Greece, Germany, Austria, Australia, South Africa and more.


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