Psychoz - Germany

Zoran Zlatkovsky has experimented on break beat, drum and bass and techno, before he finally decided he wants to do trance. This is how Psychoz was born. His preferred platform was Goa trance he was making in the mid. 90s. Later, he went in a more experimental direction. His first official album Jupiter came out in Macedonia, and a year later he made his Avatar debut with his self titled Psychoz album. After a break for studies, he released a second album on Trishula.

Zoran is an ambitious and productive musician from Nurnberg, Germany. He is very passionate and serious about his music, and today has a current record of 14 albums under his belt, with over 140 tracks on various releases.

The style of Psychoz is dynamic and most of his albums don't sound alike.. ranging from techno, dark trance, fullon trance to Afro tribal beats, like on his album on Avatar. Before Zoran was doing trance music, he played in several bands. From rock, metal and punk, to industrial and alternative bands.

Zoran's studio is equipped with synthesizers and analogue hardware from wall to wall, as he was working in a second hand shop for musical instruments in Skopje. He admits that he prefers hardware, even that today the difference between analogue and digital equipment has shrunk dramatically.

He is currently engaged in a mutual project with Jeto. The two have previous collaborations that started in a studio in Los Angeles. We will be getting some fruits from this collaboration soon...