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Planet Meditation 2

Coming July 28th

Planet Meditation 2

After Planet Meditation left us with a taste of more, the sequel Planet Meditation 2 manages to generate that relaxed and hypnotic mood of the first one, top rated by EMI Music and Time Out India.
Timeless tunes from Overdream, oCeLoT, Doof, Ozric Tentacles, Astronaut Ape and Sunselity, Saint Janus, Kayatma, Argyria and Astropilot. All deliver spiritual beats that will touch you in those right places. Join us on a voyage to tranquility with quality relaxing music.

Saint Janus - Spiritale

Coming July 29th

Saint Janus - 'Spiritale'

Avatar is happy to announce that the 2nd EP from Manila based Saint Janus will come out later this month.
The music of Saint Janus combines elements from progressive rock and progressive psychedelic space rock, while at the same time projects a euphoric relaxed atmosphere, and suggests a new approach to psybient and psychill. A fusion of deep relaxed compositions with an array of slow rhythms that cover you gently.
The new mini album Spiritale will include 4 tracks.

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