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On August 17th, Nimba will release her new 'Seeds of Consciousness' EP. It is a true mini album, and includes 4 unreleased cuts.
Under her resume are 2 brilliant albums, among various works on compilations. SOC comes after some time that Nimba took off, and is a reminder of her impressive abilities and endless talent.
Apart from Nimba project, Ariane MacAvoy is known as being half of the duo The Nommos, together with Goa Gil.
Nimba is probably the most original artist in her genre, as her style is second to none.

...It Began in Africa...

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Argyria is an multinational down tempo / chillout project.
The group includes Vivan Sanjana (DJ Jeto), the famous Indian singer Sandhya Sanjana, known for her exotic voice, and Zoran Zlatkovski (aka Psychoz). This trio's style is a fusion of electronica and chillout, combined with world elements and Indian classical vocals. The project is based on contemporary electronic music, with Indian influences, spiritual diversity, and metaphoric lyrics following the old testimony and other sources, maintaining the balance of the new and the traditional.

This is our debut album from this fine and promising project. Available now exclusively on Beatport, and on all good digital shops from April 15th.