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Avatar's classics label Pro File, is proud to announce the release of Spiritual Trance Vol. 2 by Goa Gil. This milestone and legendary album marks an era, and delivers some of the best names in psytrance.
This is the second chapter of Goa Gil's mythological concept of Spiritual Trance. A rare album that includes exclusive tracks and remixes from center pillars in the genre.
No doubt, this is a prominent and timeless release in psychedelic trance, a heavyweight subsequent classic that reflects the true Goa Spirit.

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In the name of Music and Art: Avatar Spirit is proud to announce the release of Music For CoffeeShops.
From dub and chill to rasta and reggae, Music for CoffeeShops has just the right combination and blend of music, to get you into the atmosphere.. Material from prestigious names in the field, and newcomers:
Dreadzone, the legendary Kumba Mela Experiment, Boris Blenn with his Jupiter 8000 project, Baba Doof, brand new ones from Overdream, Yaman Shaman, Tara Putra feat. Psychoz and more.. Some world debuts are here, aside special cuts and rare tracks that evoke smoke.

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Following their debut album 'Jai Shiva Shankar', Argyria will release a remixes EP of their theme album title.
Remixes from Overdream, Ocelot and more..
More info on artist page & Avatar Shop.

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On August 17th, Nimba will release her new 'Seeds of Consciousness' EP. It is a true mini album, and includes 4 unreleased cuts.
Under her resume are 2 brilliant albums, among various works on compilations. SOC comes after some time that Nimba took off, and is a reminder of her impressive abilities and endless talent.
Apart from Nimba project, Ariane MacAvoy is known as being half of the duo The Nommos, together with Goa Gil.
Nimba is probably the most original artist in her genre, as her style is second to none.

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